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"It matters not who I am.  My power is all that concerns you..."

-- Marka Ragnos

Disciples of Ragnos is an Empire guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic focused on end-game raid content & social PvP.  Our player base consists of several experienced, Top-Tier raiders from various MMOs including WoW, WAR, Rift, and others.

We are currently accepting applications for all classes to fill our ranks as we progress to level 50.  If you wish to join our ranks, please complete an application and an officer will review shortly.

The Disciples of Ragnos, also known as the Cult of Ragnos, was a Sith Cult that worshiped the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos, who died shortly before the Great Hyperspace War some five thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Their ultimate goal was to resurrect him and use his power to take over the galaxy.
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Update 1/24/2012 -- 1.1.0b
By Dianic, Jan 24, 12 4:40 PM

Update *NOT* This Week - Patch 1.1.1 -- SOON!
By Dianic, Jan 23, 12 2:54 PM

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By Dianic, Jan 19, 12 6:18 PM

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